Testing and Linkage to Care

A person living with HIV has stopped treatment upon achieving viral suppression. He/she thinks that it is possible to maintain undetectable viral load without medication.” The motive to default treatment is unknown. It can be severe misinformation or other underlying concerns.

KLASS is increasing efforts to start people on treatment. It is vital that our clients receive ample support and information before treatment. By doing so, we can address any possible misinformation or concerns borne by our clients.
Peer-support provided by a trained person living with HIV is an evidence-based approach initiated by KLASS in Malaysia. That is effective in helping people newly diagnosed with HIV prepare for treatment.

KLASS is the first movement to introduce peer support in Malaysia. Some people think that peer support is synonymous with HIV counselling, but it is not. Peer support is an evidence-based approach to helping people newly diagnosed with HIV prepare for treatment. Peer support executed well can offer others vital information and skills on how to live well with HIV.

Yet, we have also come to appreciate that HIV can be a very complex concern for some people. The level of needs differs from one client to another.

Moving forward with KLASS

In 2019, we are introducing a differentiated service delivery approach which focuses on the needs of our clients. Clients will have their needs to assessed for the right level of care and support.

The approach looks at who is at risk of defaulting from care and who may be stable thus requires less support. The idea is to identify people who need most help early on so that the right mix of services can be delivered.

KLASS believe this approach will allow us to address barriers in the current healthcare ecosystem. If you want to learn more, please reach out to us.

A community based testing for HIV and other STIs

  • You are able to access community assisted HIV testing through KLASS, which will start from June 2020.
  • The tests are following the current COVID-19 SOP and it is free.
  • Get in touch with your Outreach Worker or click here.

What if I am tested positive?

What if I am tested negative?

Case management

  • If you have complex barriers to accessing or staying on treatment can obtain dedicated case management support.
  • A caseworker will be assigned to you to help you navigate the healthcare services and get the best possible care
  • Get in touch with our Program Manager

Peer support

You are not alone in this journey

  • You can meet a person who is living with HIV and share their experiences to help you on how to live well despite HIV.
  • Get in touch with our Program Manager

Medicine supplies

  • We offer to queue by proxy and door to door delivery services.
  • We can help you to obtain your HIV medicine.
  • Contact us for more information

Temporary Shelter – KLASS Care Centre

  • We offer temporary board and lodging to vulnerable and socially isolated people who wish to initiate HIV treatment, with a minimal fee (due to inadequate funding).
  • Clinical referral and KLASS assessment are required. Please Contact Us for more information.