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      Hello guys, KLASS here! 2019 is pretty exciting, we have a series of literacy workshops geared to help equip us with the knowledge and expertise to live with HIV efficiently.

      Also, for those who have attended such workshops, let us know how can we make the workshop better – and if you would like to be trained as a volunteer to assist us in said workshops, holler us!

      If you would like to sign-up or nominate others to sign-up, email enquiries@myklass.org or leave a message in the thread below.

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      This is cool! I am newly diagnosed and could use some help understanding the condition. I have read many articles online but still, have concerns about medication and how I can inform my friends and family.

      Err…how much would a workshop like this cost? and for how many days?


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      Yeah tell me more… what kinds of topics will ve covered?

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