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    Hi guys, if you have challenges in the areas below, do voice out and let others in the community. So we can guide you through.

    Here are some areas you might find it tough to navigate:
    (1) Disclosure of your status/condition
    (2) Relationships
    (3) Career

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    It has been about three months since I was diagnosed positive. I find it less challenging to tell my friends and colleagues about my condition – because I don’t care about their perception of me.


    When it comes to telling my family, especially my aunt who is in her 60s, I can’t seem to find the right time or place or mood to come clean to here!


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      It’s interesting you used the words “come clean”. Is that because you think your aunt will think poorly of you for becoming infected?

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    Unfortunately, yes. I have spoken to my boss (who is a lady in her early 40s) – it took her a whole day to digest. So I cannot fathom how my aunt would react! 🙁

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    From my experience, people who care for us will be concerned about what HIV can mean for our lives. So your aunt’s reaction may depend on her knowledge of HIV. I remember when I told my parents, my dad searched the internet for days and studied about HIV. He was ok after that. So you might want to prepare your aunt for the news by desensitising her with HIV information before you disclose. Just start by telling her simple facts and nothing too complicated. See if she responds positively and carry on from there. Good luck!

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