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Temporary Shelter Home
( Faith Helping Centre )

Currently, there are still many PLWHIVs who are turned away by their families; they are destitute, weak and unemployed. Some of their family members are unable to provide proper care as they have to work for a living and do not have the time and resources to care for the PLWHIVs. Other PLWHIVs are rejected by the family and society due to stigma and discrimination. Some PLWHIVs have no family/ friends at all.

Hospitals have to discharge PLWHIVs who is getting better that need no hospitalization. However, these PLWHIVs still unable to survive without a proper support from their family due to low CD4+ as they still weak and not able to back to work immediately. Hence, it is important for temporary shelter home to be on service for PLWHIVs in helping them facing these challenges in their living.

The centre was established since 1994 and has been running for years without a stable funding until year 2003. With years of experience, the centre is capable in providing a proper temporary shelter home service to PLWHIVs who need it. Also, having the centre run by PLWHIVs, the peer to peer approach has been successful in providing a safe and supportive environment for the residents to gain their strength and grow healthier before them being discharged back to the society independently. The centre also has the experience and expertise in managing funeral for residents who pass away, especially for those without family members.

1) To provide short-term shelter to PLWHIVs whom no longer welcomed by the family.
2) To provide family members of PLWHIVs with information, guidance and education on prevention, care and support so that family members can reaccept the infected persons.
3) To encourage residents to offer emotional support and encouragement to each other during their stay in the centre.

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