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Peer-to-Peer Growth
& Healing Trainings
Support Sessions
P2P G&H Workshops
(Peer-to-Peer Growth & Healing Trainings)
Empowerment Support Sessions
(Tamil & Mandarin Languages)

Many patients seek treatment at ID Clinics in the main Treatment Centres where they receive quality medical care from the Health Care Professionals (HCPs). These HCPs focus on the treatment of Opportunistic Infections (OIs) and deciphering blood tests in order to save lives.

There is a need to provide patients with the opportunity to help them address their emotional and psychological issues that are faced in living with HIV. Patients are usually more comfortable sharing their own thoughts and feelings with their peers, especially in their own mother tongue. This project will create an opportunity for PLWHIV to share and journey with other PLWHIV who come from similar backgrounds, hence providing a safe, non-judgemental environment for open and frank discussions.

The journey to Growth and Healing will be guided by a facilitator with a sequence of topics for each session.

This project is intended to strengthen patients’ well-being and ultimately establish and reinforce the support systems currently available.

It is also an avenue to empower PLWHIV and identify future peer leaders who will be provided with the training and tools to conduct more such workshops.

1) To provide PLWHIV with a safe environment to address emotional and psychological issues related to living with HIV.
2) To establish an emotional bond among PLWHIV for greater opportunities to create more self-help groups which would encourage and strengthen existing support systems.
3) To empower, identify and train PLWHIV who have the potential to lead and facilitate future P2P Growth & Healing workshops in all states across the country, thus decentralizing such services.

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