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Hospital Peer
Support Programme
Hospital Peer Support Programme
( HPSP )

Many patient seeking treatment at the ID Clinics (who require immediate support services or information on treatment), may not able to access such services as the limited hospital staff are unable to cope with the high patient load.

Patients are usually more comfortable sharing their own thoughts and feelings with their peers, hence providing an opportunity for HPSP staff to ensure patients receive the necessary information in order to encourage greater receptiveness to follow-up monitoring, better preparation to start on HAART as well as ensure Adherence & Compliance in the face of side effects. This project is intended to strengthen patients’ psychological well-being through a peer-to-peer approach in the hospital.

Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Services Society is the pioneer of running this programme (started the programme since year 2006), and it has shown to be successful with a lot of patients in the hospital getting benefits from the sharing of the project workers and volunteers of HPSP.

A good working relationship between the respective hospitals and KLASS is also a reason why KLASS qualified to implement the project. The hospitals acknowledgement that the presence of KLASS HPSP staffs/volunteers in the hospital have helped to reduce some of the barriers between hospital and the patients, such as language barriers.

We served as the liaison person for the ID Clinic in the respective hospitals to provide linkage between the hospital and HIV-related NGO services such as temporary shelter homes/placement, support groups, helpline services and HIV-related information.

1) To provide peer counseling for HIV+ patients in the main HIV treatment centres in the Central region.
2) To act as liaison persons between HIV+ patients and KLASS and/or other community based organizations (CBOs).
3) To assist newly diagnosed patients to be familiarized with the hospital set up and treatment procedures.

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