KLASS15th Anniversary Charity Dinner
KLASS Helpline 《 爱 滋 热 线》
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10 Years Journey of KLASS
Year 2001

KLASS registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS), introducing Drug Assistance Scheme to support PLHIV for cheaper medicine,
- An organization with main target on Chinese and Indian speaking communities.
Year 2002

KLASS is an affiliation of the Malaysian AIDS Council since 23 March 2002.    
- Cell Support groups for People Living with HIV (PLWH) and drugs assistance scheme.
Year 2003

KLASS organized counseling training and co-organized Ice berg Project 2 with MCA.
- Provide information & counseling on HIV/AIDS.
- HIV/AIDS awareness programs.
Year 2004

Hospital Peer Support Program training to complement on General Hospital’s P1 clinic.
- To complement existing treatment services provided by hospital-based care by giving support services.
Year 2005

KLASS provides peer support in hospital and HIV/AIDS helpline services.
- Provide HIV/AIDS information & aid to pubic.
- Organized IAMD 2005.
Year 2006

Under the sponsorship and collaboration with local authorities,
NGOs & the relevant parties KLASS effectively provided the HIV/AIDS awareness program for the residents of Klang Valley.
- KLASS’s World AIDS Day 2005 at Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.
Year 2007

KLASS lives up to expectations, by providing internal training support & counseling.
- International Aids Memorial Day 2007.
- Monthly volunteer night & volunteer gathering.
- Taking part in other outreach programs organized by other NGOs to spread the HIV & AIDS messages.
Year 2008

KLASS held their first HIV/AIDS awareness campaign at a shopping mall,
they also encouraged college students to participate by volunteering their assistance for the event.
- KLASS’s World AIDS Day 2008 at Bukit Tinggi, Klang.
Year 2009

Another successful awareness campaign at a shopping mall.
- World AIDS Day 2009 at Wangsa Walk Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
- Collaborated with Mass Media & Celebrities.
Year 2010

Continue with the effort to organize to HIV/AIDS awareness campaign to the future social pillars;
recruiting Program Manager and Counselor to run KLASS’activities.
- Promotes HIV/ADIS awareness campaigns in private secondary.
Year 2011

Tamil language Empowerment Workshop held for the first time and active in hosting support group activities.
- Advocates the self-growth & HIV/AIDS awareness topic.
Compiled by : Khiam / Angeline Loh

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