HIV 101
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& Prevention
Transmission & Prevention [Click on Questions for Answers]
1. How is HIV transmitted?
2. How HIV is NOT transmitted?
3. Who is at risk?
4. Is oral sex safe?
5. What are the chances of becoming infected with HIV if he doesn’t come inside me?
6. Is deep kissing a route of HIV transmission?
7. Can I become infected with HIV through normal social contact or activities such as shaking hands, kissing, using toilet seats and swimming pools, sharing cutlery, or exposure to sneezes and coughs?
8. How long can HIV survive outside the human body?
9. Is there a risk of HIV transmission when having a tattoo, an acupuncture, during body piercing or at the barber or hairdresser?
10. What are universal precautions?
11. Am I at risk of becoming infected with HIV when visiting the doctor or dentist?
12. If I have sex with a commercial sex worker (prostitute) will I get HIV?
13. Am I at high risk if I have sex with a member of the same sex?
14. Can I infect my unborn child if I am HIV positive?
15. Can the virus be transmitted through breast-feeding?
16. Can mosquito bite transmit HIV?
17. How to prevent HIV infection through sexual contact?
18. How to prevent HIV infection from a contaminated needle?
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