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1. What is Pre-Test Counseling?
Counseling before HIV antibody testing may include getting yourself prepared by reading materials before enter a group or private session with a counselor or doctor. 

You may asked why you want to be tested. The counselor will also ask what it is about your behavior that you think may put you at risk for HIV infection. 

If testing is warranted, your counselor or doctor should:
  1. Describe the test and how it is done
  2. Explain AIDS and the ways HIV is spread
  3. Discuss ways to prevent the spread of HIV
  4. Discuss the meaning of possible test results
  5. Some details about what is window period
  6. Ask what impact the test result, whether negative or positive, will have on you
  7. Address the matter of whom to tell about your test result
  8. Discuss the importance of telling your sexual or drug-using partner(s) if you are HIV+
  9. Discuss the needs about confidentiality and privacy of the disease as to how will your wish be respected
  10. You are encourage to discuss about your background, profile, attitudes, behavior, and habits to assess your level of risk-related behavior only if you wish to
  11. The benefits of getting tested as early as possible , if you think that you had an exposure to the infection
  12. You should feel free to ask other questions you may have about the testing process. You may want to ask how the test results are given.
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