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1. Who should I disclose about my HIV status?

I understand that you are struggling with an issue that many people struggle with. Key to this struggle is the attempt to adhere to two important principles that may be in conflict with each other. One should be selective with whom they share that information. At the same time, I do believe that when one knows they are HIV+ they carry a certain level of responsibility to not knowingly put a sexual partner at risk for receiving that virus.

At the moment, there is still stigma attached to being HIV positive, especially in Malaysia. There are cases where the HIV carrier is being avoided by their friends, colleagues, relatives and even family members too. Thus, we should be very selective when deciding to whom we shall disclose our status.

First of all there are few questions we should ask ourselves before disclosing our status:

  1. Will he understand and support me when he knows about my status?
  2. Can I get help from him when I’m not well or in need?
  3. How important is it to tell him? By telling him will that make any difference?
  4. Is him at high risk HIV infection if he is not aware about my status (e.g. sex partner)?
If you consider the above issues I believe you will be able to come up with some answers for yourself that will be best for all concerned. Anyhow, you can always discuss this issue with the counselor, doctor who is treating you or share it during the HIV carrier support group to get more advice.
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