Past Activity [2014]
2014 已过活动项目
KLASS Helpline 爱滋热线
(Wed to Sat) (周三至周六)

KLASS has won a Global Fund MSM Pilot Project recently.
This project will focus on providing Testing services to our MSM (PLU/Gay/Bi) community.
We will accompany the person to a clinic for Testing & provide counseling no matter whether he is tested +ve or -ve.
This way we hope to remove the fear of Testing that many people experience.
We need your help to identify where our community 'hangs out', so we will be able to select these areas when we want to promote our services.
Pls join us @ KLASS this Sunday, 21 Sept @ 1pm for lunch & help us with this Mapping session. Refreshments & snacks will be provided.

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