KLASS Helpline 爱滋热线
(Wed to Sat) (周三至周六)

2.00pm, Arrival of guests and registration
2.30pm, Food delivery by Nyonya Village
2.50pm, Show video about KLASS 10th years anniversary
3.00pm, Welcome Speech by Dr. Kumara, vice president
3.05pm, 1st video sharing (about Michael)
3.15pm, 2nd video sharing (about Jayanthi)
3.25pm, 3rd video sharing (about Andrew)
3.35pm, Floor sharing
3.40pm, memorial session (power point, prepared by Ying Chian)
3.45pm, Closing Speech by Ken Woo, president
3.50pm, Event ends, refreshment
4.10pm, Leave from KLASS to Sentul KTM station **
4.50pm, Sentul KTM station to KL Sentral KTM, then collect FREE ticket and continue to Sg. Buloh KTM 
6.00pm, Assemble at Sg Buloh KTM 
7.00pm, Walk from Sg Buloh KTM to Sg Buloh Hospital
7.30pm - 8.30pm, Sg. Buloh Hospital IAMD
8.30pm, Ends
- Registration will start from 2pm, and the event will start at 3.00pm sharp. 
- We will leave from KLASS to Sg. Buloh Hospital at 4.10pm.
- Transportation allowance will be arranged for those who can go to Sg. Buloh Hospital for IAMD after KLASS's IAMD event.
- Please bring your own umbrella or rain coat in case of bad weather.
10 Years of Touching Lives